Stroke tips to improve your golf swing

Most experts agree that there is no such thing as a perfect swing. However, to some extent there is a sequence of positions and motions that most good golfers have in common. An understanding of the basic golf swing is essential for any golfer, and solid swing fundamentals should be the main priority for any practice regime. If you don’t have the fundamentals down, you will struggle with consistency and accuracy.

Sticking to the basics will enable you to develop a simpler golf swing that is more compact and repeatable. Before you can perfect your swing, you must learn the fundamentals of the golf swing. Take advantage of the lessons you can learn with The Swing Boss, available only here online. We will give you specific help with:

Improve your golf swing technique, and let The Swing Boss help you to increase the distance you hit the ball, your accuracy, and above all your enjoyment of the game.

Fix Your Golf Swing

There really is no such thing as the perfect swing, but there are sequences of motions and positions that every successful golfer has in common. The Swing Boss will help you establish an understanding of the basic golf swing, and from there you can groove-in good swing habits with regular practice. Stick to the basics…

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Address and Set Up

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to the set up. First, make sure that the body is parallel to the target line. Many beginner golfers tend to aim to the left (if they are right-handed), so the best way to start out is by stepping up to hit…

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Improve your backswing with regular practice with The Swing Boss. When it comes to the backswing, the first thing to keep in mind is to have a smooth rhythm – don’t jerk the club back or go too slowly. Keep the club as straight as possible when going back, and allow the wrists to rotate…

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Improve your downswing with regular practice and targeted feedback from The Swing Boss. Like the backswing, when it comes to the downswing you need to keep the rhythm smooth and not try to whip the club down as fast as possible. As far as timing, once you reach the peak of the backswing, immediately start…

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Impact Position

Create the perfect impact position by practising with The Swing Boss – the only golf swing training equipment you need. Correct golf swing impact position is an important part of having good golf swing technique. The key at impact is to leverage your power and have your body, arms and club all come through the…

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You can create the perfect grip for your golf swing with The Swing Boss The grip is your only connection with the golf club and a properly constructed grip gives you much better control of the clubface at impact. During the swing your body rotates to create power and the golf club has to rotate…

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Follow Through

Even though the clubface has already struck the ball, the follow through is still a very important part of your swing. Your follow through will tell you certain things about your swing and your shots, and if you’re not completing your follow through correctly, you will tend to have some other golf swing errors. Create…

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For the finish, it is important to follow all the way through the ball while continuing to rotate the body and arms so that the club goes around your head. Don’t try to look up and see where the ball went until you have done this, and make sure you don’t fall back on the…

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Most golfers have trouble with chipping because they use their hands and arms too much rather than their hips and shoulders. Some of the fundamentals in chipping differ from a normal swing: The ball position should be much further back in the stance There should be no wrist action in the impact zone Your wrists…

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Shorter Backswing

Most golfers will gain distance almost immediately by shortening their backswing. A more compact swing not only gives you more distance but it also gives you more control over your swing and better accuracy as well. The extra effort required to get the club past parallel, which is working against gravity, increases the chance of…

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Wider Backswing

Create a wider backswing by practising regularly with The Swing Boss. Rotational force is the most important determinant of power. The more you extend your arms during the backswing and the longer they remain extended in the downswing, the more distance you will get out of your shots. Tiger Woods creates enormous width in his backswing which…

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